Dirty Little Secrets

The so-called Fairness Doctrine has a dirty little secret. What the proponents want to do is this. They want to inundate local radio stations with so many requests for “equal time” that they hope the station owners will find it unprofitable to host any talk radio show.

I have heard no talk about applying this “doctrine” to the so-called major networks who have a 90% or better slant in the left direction.

It seems like they are saying “If you can’t beat them, and you won’t join them, then just try to shut them up.” No wait, that is exactly what they are saying.

The proponents are saying in interviews that they want broadcasters to air only the correct and true news.

We are in big trouble when politicians are the ones who tell us what is true and correct. If you don’t share their opinions then that makes you narrow minded.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Not all dangers come from abroad.


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