Obama plans to disarm America

Let him speak for himself

See it here and read some comments.


4 Responses to “Obama plans to disarm America”

  1. Donna Ambrous Says:

    Wow, this guy is scary!!!! Good idea, let’s cut weapon research just when the Muslim world is about to start launching nuclear missles and want to wipe all of us off the face of the earth.

    I also think Obama refusing to wear a flag pin says a lot about him. Imagine going to a church for 20 years when the minister hates America.

  2. DelVeck Lebed Says:

    obama and his black comrades want to kill White Americans…..

    Its time…………

    Im ready……..

    Eccliastes 3:3

  3. DelVeck Lebed Says:

    oops…..Ecclesiastes 3:3

  4. In Response to Concerns about Obama and Disarmament « Says:

    […] Obamas plan to disarm the US.. […]

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