Who do you really trust to be president?

Tom Bates
June 6, 2008
All rights reserved

Ladies and Gentlemen, Iran isnt kidding. They want Israel wiped off the face of the earth.

McCain will kick their butts and do everything to keep us safe.

Obama Will try to talk to them.

It is dangerous to talk to these types of men. Remember a guy named Martin Luther King?. Did he sit down and try to reason with the likes of George Wallace, Lester Maddox, David Duke or Bull Conner? Of course not. There was no way they would change their thinking. There are just some people you can’t reason with. You can never reason with an unreasonable person.

Have you ever had an employer who was just plain mean and sadistic? I sure have. Did you sit down with them and try to talk things out? What was the result? The unemployment line?

We are in for a very rough ride in the next few years. I don’t know about you but I want a fighter looking out for me and my family.

I do believe Israel is very important to our security. They play a big part in keeping the mid-east countries in line. Once Israel is gone do you honestly think they will just stop there? If it is to be believed when they say they want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, is it not also believeable when they say it about us?

This is not a strugle for territory as many wars were in past centuries. It is a strugle inspired by a misguided misbelief in what the Karan says.

They have two conditions. Adopt Islam or die. Which should we accept?

Hevan Help us.


12 Responses to “Who do you really trust to be president?”

  1. jonolan Says:

    Umm…Not to dispute the meat of what you’re saying, but how does Iran wanting to destroy the political state known as Israel adversely affect me as an American living thousands of miles away?

    I mean, if you’re that vehement about supporting Israel it would be more honest just to say so instead of trying to link Israel’s existence as a nation to US security. We could walk away from Israel completely and actually be safer.

    I’m not suggesting that we abandon Israel, but I am saying that your premise in this post is flawed. Our security and Israel’s security are not intrinsically linked.

  2. Yahya Says:

    Why are you so aggressive!? Iran and Israel, they love each other you know why?!!
    because Iran shouts about wiping out Israel so people don’t pay that much attention to the things that happen in Iran, like prisoning human rights activists, journalists, women, student
    and Israel points his hand toward Iran and say that: Hey World! Look! There is this monster that want to eat me, please help! Don’t let him bite me like the way Hitler did.
    this is the very first and important fact in foreign policy. Even US does that. Where the hell do you think Alghaeda came from and Ben Laden is still alive? Because U R scared of him and that make ur government the guy who protects u!
    None of these three Satanist governments want to wipe out each other because there is no benefit in that!

  3. tommy49646 Says:

    I do partially agree with you in that through out history, nations have needed a villan to give their people something to help bind them together (like an egg is used in cooking). Let there be no mistake, the Islamo Facists have made it painfully clear what they want to do. I do believe that if even one of the groups gains control of a nation, or a nation with nukes, like the ones Iran is developing, they will not hesitate to use them. Their horrific actions on 9-11-2001 prove that beyond any doubt.

    I remember they days of Jimmy Carter and the US embassy takeover. The only thing that made them ste the hostages free was Ronald Regan. They knew he would do some serious damage to them if they didnt comply. Jimmy just hid in the white house and did nothing.

  4. Yahya Says:

    If you want to find out why Iranians were aggressive toward America read these links on Wikipedia.
    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1953_Iranian_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat
    2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran-Iraq_War
    3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran_Air_Flight_655
    the thing is that after revolution in Iran, US did not try to accept the existence of new regime and always tried to change it. In last 30 years US always threatened Iran to use military force (and once did: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Eagle_Claw) In last 30 years US used it’s all power to increase the number of sanctions on Iran.
    US have force bases all over the Middle East and Us attacked Iraq (west neighbor of Iran) and Afghanistan (which is east neighbor of Iran).
    North Korea and Libya tried to have nuclear bomb for same reason Iran has.
    Israel has it because it feels unsecured in area trapped by Arab countries. India and Pakistan have it because they are scared of each other. Russia and China have it because of the same reason Iran has.

  5. tommy49646 Says:

    Thank you Yaha for your posted comment to my BLOG.

    Your link #1 to Wikipedia talked about How the CIA used covert action to overthrough a regiem and replace it with another. Although you are correct we must also realize that these things do dot happen in a vacume. In other words, there had to be some Iranian involvement. It’s not like some American CIA Agent went into a cafe and said ” I want you to overthrow your government.” and a bunch of guys, who never had such a thought in their heads before this said “Ok and just blindly followd like a lot of mind numbed robots.
    There had to already be a group of Iranians chomping at the bit already planning to do this. This doesn’y make CIA involvement right but we must always remember it takes two to tango.

    As to your Wikipedia link #2 It was Sadam who started the war.

    Link #3 refers to IR655. This was a travesty. The flight got to close to a warship which was engaged in a battle with Iraq forces. It was mistaken for an enemy attack. It was indeed a terrible thing.

    Your refrence to “Operation Eagle Claw” Can’t be blamed on the US in any way. It was in response to Iran attacking the US embassy and taking civilian hostages. The US waited for a long time, exausting diplomatic actions, before taking action.

    It was Mohamed who Pioneered the notion of diplomatic safty. This made it even worse for any Islamic nation to do such a thing.

    Does all this mean that Iran can never be peaceful with the US? No it doesn’t.
    The US fought two vicious wars with Britian. We are now the best of friends.
    The US fought a vicious war with Japan. We are now the best of friends.
    The US fought a vicious war (twice) with Germany. We are now the best of friends.

    The “Wipe Israel and the great satan US off the face of the globe” doesn’t help to make for peace. This must stop.

  6. jonolan Says:

    Let’s all remember that this is election season – both in the US and in Iran. A lot of rhetoric is going to be spewed by the politicians right now. The sabers are being rattled, but it may not come to bloodying them.

  7. Yahya Says:

    I did not want to prove that US was the main reason in what happened in these 30 years since the Islamic Revolution, but that US is involved in all of those that I mentioned. I don’t want to argue about the details with you because it will go on and on for ever.

    “Does all this mean that Iran can never be peaceful with the US? No it doesn’t.”, you said

    so what’s with: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Iran isn’t kidding. They want Israel wiped off the face of the earth. McCain will kick their butts and do everything to keep us safe.”

    I am not happy at all with my government which is a total Islamic dictatorship and I don’t consider myself religious but I believe that a isolated and threatened and sanctioned regime like mine is much more dangerous than a normal connected one even if it is a dictatorship.

  8. tommy49646 Says:


    Even though I believe that Iran could someday be a good friend and ally with the US there is a certain reality here. The president of Iran constantly makes statements calling for Israel to be wiped off the face of the Earth. He has the military actively pursueing development of Nuclear weapons and ICBM delivery systems.

    When someone says he wants to wipe you off the face of the Earth, the safe and prudent thing to do is to believe it

    Most islamic people are peaceful. There is a handful, though, that are hijacking the faith. They want all infedels to convert or die. They have taken actions that prove this. How many inocent people must die before Islamic people say “Enough!!”?

  9. Yahya Says:

    Dear Tommy,
    It’s Ahmadinejad who said such a stupid thing but he has no power to maintain a military attack. It’s the supreme leader of Islamist regime who has the power and he also does not support Ahmadinejad.
    The truth is that Iran wont attack anywhere, specially if it has the nuclear bomb, because it means that then there will be no Iran in the map anymore.
    I believe that Iran and Israel could make the best friendly relationship in Middle East in future because of many reasons.
    I mention just three reason:
    They are the only non-Arab countries in the area.
    Their friendship goes back as 2500 years ago.
    A big part of Israelis government is Iranian Jews.

    I believe War is pointless and it won’t help to resolve anything. At least we should talk first.

  10. tommy49646 Says:

    Dear Yahya,

    You and I seem to be on the same page here. I do hope you are correct.
    In the language of “Diplomatic Speak” words mean things. Such inflamatory language as Ahmadinejad uses is not proper to use in diplomatic circles. He was voted into office by someone. He didn’t appear out of smoke. This means there must be many Iranians who agree with him or he would be ousted from office. Although,as you say, there are checks and balances in Iranian government, a loose cannon is a dangerous cannon.

    I am a veteran and have been in war. I don’t wish war on anyone anyhere. Weak and appeasing nations have, through history, invited wars. The best way to avoid war is through strength. The US has nuclear weapons, not so as to be able to use them, but so they don’t have to be used.

    The biggest danger with Ahmadinejad and nuclear weapons isn’t that he would use them. It is that militent Islamics would get their hands on them and use them. These people have not been afraid to do suicide attacks. They would be willing to sacrifice themselves and any others who get in the way. The assurance of their own destruction, or the destruction of anyone else, will not and has not swayed them.

  11. jonolan Says:


    Ahmadinejad was elected on the strength of those “bitter, gun and God clinging blue-collar” Iranians in in the towns and villages. He’s a “working man’s” populist leader. Strong nationalist rhetoric is a normal part of such officials.

    Sadly, we have him, Bush, and the weak positioned Olmert all in office at the same time.

  12. Yahya Says:

    I dont remember an Iranian who did a suiside attack!

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