Letter to Barack Obama

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by Will Manly

I’ve always thought of you as dangerously naive at best. Eloquent, gifted, genuine, yes. But dangerously naive at best.

I couldn’t vote for you — but not because of your funny name or your lunatic pastor. I couldn’t vote for you because you say we should raise taxes (even on the rich, who I’m convinced already pay too much), and because you say we should abandon Iraq (which I’m convinced would be surrendering a war we must win), and because you don’t respect the Second Amendment (which I’m convinced should disqualify any politician from any office).

Will Manly is a reporter for The Hays Daily News and The Stir. will@thestironline.comhttp://www.hdnews.net/Story/manly041408

Here’s a thought: Maybe gun rights voters know gun control laws kill people and steal freedom.
Here’s a thought: Maybe some Americans cling to their church because their pastor is a nice person.
Here’s a thought: Maybe, just maybe, us simpletons in small towns find it harder to be bigoted than all o’ y’all cityfolk.
And here’s my favorite thought of all: Maybe small-town folks are — really — capable of thinking. All on our own.
You’re wrong about why small-town Americans don’t vote for Democrats.


3 Responses to “Letter to Barack Obama”

  1. Paulette Says:

    This election is not just about ‘small town people’. It’s about ALL Americans. Collectively we ALL have a lot to lose.

    I don’t believe that Sen Obama was belittling small town Americans when he talked about ‘clinging’; I don’t believe that he believes that small town folks are ‘simpletons’. I think he made a mistake by using his life experiences and applying it on a braoder scale.

    When he made that statement, believe it or not, he was trying to defend small town folk from big city folk who was asking him why small town folk loved the Church and Guns so much. He tried to break it down but he did not choose his words correctly — he didn’t.

    He has worked in poor black communities since he graduated from college. And guess what, the truth is MOST poor black folk cling to their Bible and Guns in THEIR times of struggle. They hang on to their Rosaries and Prayers when times are hard because you’ve got to have hope. Obama wasn’t insulting small town Americans, he was trying to explain from his point of view that when times are hard in small town America and when time gets rough, people hang on to their Faith. Sometimes that’s all they have to keep from giving up or going insane. The Bible gives hope and having guns to protect your family and provide when necessary gives a sense of security and hope as well.

    Peace and Understanding,

  2. Mawm Says:

    To me, Obama is dangerous at best. Please do not judge all Democrats by looking at Obama and the DNC. What you are looking at now is a corrupt coup of the party by George Soros and the Chicago Daly machine. There are many of us who voted for Clinton that will be voting for McCain in the fall for some of the same reasons you mention above, but also to try and defeat these odious forces who were once fringe elements, but who now control the party. The latest move should seal the deal for everyone. Moving the DNC to Chicago makes the corruption complete. The DNC is now synonymous with corrupt Chicago politics.

  3. Mawm Says:


    That is not true. He was making the “bitter” comments to a group of wealthy SanFrancisco donors. The statements were in response to them asking him why working class people in PA were not buying his candidacy. It was just one of hundreds of examples of Obama not taking responsibility for his campaign and instead blaming the voters for not being rational enough to vote for him. The “bitter” comments were his excuse.
    He did the same thing after WV and KY primaries where he got stomped. Instead of fixing what was wrong with his campaign, he instead accused those people of being racist, but in fact he went AWOL in WV before the primary and really did not campaign in KY very much.
    Watch for more accusations of racism to come out of Obama campaign, and more belittling of working class people. Also, watch for more examples of WORM(What Obama Really Meant) like the one from Paulette above. He always needs surrogates to come around later and tell us unelightened folks what he really was saying, as if we can’t comprehend English. Give me a break, Paulette!

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