We Can Change Global Warming to Global Cooling

A new scienticic breakthrough will reverse global warming.

A new bill in congress will cure forever global warming.

It is very simple. Every American will be given a global cooling system of their own.

It consists of an exercise bike, a generator, and an air conditioning unit.

Every American will be able to receive tax credits for peddling one hour a day to operate their backyard global cooling system. All this cool air is estimated to be able to reverse global warming in about twenty years from the start of the peddling. It will also make us all healthier.

Isn’t our government just wonderous?

Keep watching for developments on this story.


One Response to “We Can Change Global Warming to Global Cooling”

  1. thejamkingshow Says:

    What an excellent Idea Lol Lol I got it we can start by Covering Greenland in blankets to stop the ice sheets melting, “tree bombs” to regenerate forests and sending a giant sunshade into space. lol lol… nice blog n post..

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