Government to Own Controling Interest in GM

An Editorial


Thomas W. Bates


Is anyone as outraged as I am? So what’s the big deal you might say. The Government runs the post office and medicare alright doesn’t it? (cough cough choke choke)


Just think about this. GM has announced the closing of many plants. Does anyone really believe that the government won’t put its finger into this pie? You can bet the farm that behind the scenes Congressman X is twisting arms saying “Dont close the plants in my district or state. Do the closings in thoes Republican districts and states.”

Remember the “Blue Ribbon” panels that are used to determin military base closings? Are we going to go there?

What about the other auto makers that are still free? What will the government do to them if they have the gall to outsell their company? Will the sit passively by? Will they meet the new market demands? Will they introduce ledgislation to “even the field” if people dont want to buy their cars?

I vote for field evening. This is a very dangerous situation. 


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