Give Barack Obama Power of Attorney

“I (fill in your name and address)

do hereby appoint Barack Obama, my attorney in fact, to act in my name, place, and stead in respect to the following matters:  the vehicle I drive, the salary and bonuses I receive, the job I get, the education my children get, all medical matters, and all tax matters.

 This durable power of attorney shall extend through his entire term as president, and beyond: through the rest of his remaining years as a mortal walking the sod of planet Earth,” and then you simply sign it, and you get a notary public out there to day-date and signature it and so forth, and your problems are over.

Your cares have ended; your worries cease to exist, all because you realize the greatness you found yourself among on the one-hundredth day of his presidency: blessed with the smartest president in our nation’s history, more than smart, he’s wise.

 He knows what’s best for our country; he knows what’s best for our allies.  

He knows what’s best for the world!  He knows what’s best energy-wise.  

Why, you sign over your power of attorney to Barack Obama, and you never again have to worry about a thing!  

McDonald’s will always have McNuggets, and you’ll never, ever have to call 911 when they don’t.  

There’s also a simpler way, ladies and gentlemen, to sign the Barack Obama Power of Attorney Letter, and that’s just vote for the guy.


2 Responses to “Give Barack Obama Power of Attorney”

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